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Providing access to the best therapists to work on achieving a ‘BetterU’

building better tomorrows

We're all about prevention and self-care.

Welcome to BetterU, where the journey to becoming the best version of yourself begins with a click.

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No waiting

At BetterU, we recognise the importance of swift access to therapy.

That’s why we assure you that your chosen available therapist will reach out to you within 24 hours, and you can schedule an appointment in as little as 48 hours, ensuring that you’re seen promptly and in a time period you deserve.

Experienced Therapists

At BetterU, our therapists are carefully selected for their extensive experience and versatility in addressing a wide range of issues that you may encounter.

Every therapist on our platform is a fully qualified and accredited professional, having undergone security checks and holding comprehensive insurance coverage. We exclusively work with the very best experts in the field and do not enlist trainees or volunteers, ensuring an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of care.


As you conclude your therapeutic journey with us, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a confidential progress report. This document serves as a collaborative tool between you and your therapist, focusing on various aspects of your journey.

It does not contain personal details, but rather tracks your progress across multiple dimensions. For instance, it measures changes in your anxiety or mood from the beginning to the end of therapy, records any reductions in medication, and identifies the tools and strategies that have empowered you to sustain your self-support.

Our Services

BetterU provides a unique and bespoke therapeutic service Building better tomorrows ... today

Private Counselling

Struggling with your mental health can feel isolating and make you feel helpless. Our team of fully qualified and registered therapists will offer you a tailored approach to your therapy. We will fit your needs and requirements to ensure you have the most beneficial experience of therapy possible and work towards feeling a Better U.


We offer a wide range of mental health training and specialist courses including first aid for mental health and ASIST Suicide Intervention Training

Corporate Support

Our corporate support services give your company the opportunity to provide your staff with the wellbeing support they deserve. You can create a bank of support for your team with your own bespoke landing page for bookings and appointments as well as reporting on trends that will help you develop your business.


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