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Useful Videos for info on self care

We have included some useful video links that may help you in a moment of crisis

Anxiety & Depression

What Causes Anxiety and Depression – Inside Out (10 –15 years)

A Guide to Anxiety (10–15 years)

How to Cope with Anxiety – Childline (16 + years)

Black Dog – Depression (all ages)

Automatic Thoughts

How Stress Affects the Body – Sharon Horesh Bergquist (16+ years)


How Do You Help A Grieving Friend? (10-15 years)

When a Parent Dies – CBUK (10+ years)

Body Awareness

Tea and Consent : Thames Valley Police (10–16+ years)

My Body Belongs to Me (10-15 years)



Anti-Bullying (all ages)

Eating Disorders

You Might Know Me

Eating Disorders (16+ years)

Anorexia – A boy in a Girls World (16+ years)

Emotions & Thoughts

Alfred and Shadow = A Short Story about Emotions (10–15 years)

The Present (10-15 years)

Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions?(10-15 years)

Being With All of Your Experiences (all ages)

Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability (16+ years)

Reframe Unhelpful Thoughts (all ages)

Confidence (16+ years)

Panic Attacks – BBC Teach (10-15 years)

Mental Health Awareness

Growth Mindset Animation

We All Have Mental Health (10-15 years)

Physical Activity and Mental Health (all ages)

Resilience, But What Is It?

Talking Mental Health

Childhood Trauma and the Brain

Mental Health Disorders

Autism from a young person’s perspective

Body Dysmorphia Disorder (all ages)

An Introduction to Autism – Amazing Things Happen by Andrew Amelines (10-15 years)

Amythest Schaber Video Channel – What it’s like to be Autistic


unMasking Strategies with Kieran Rose and Kerrie Highcock

OCD Youth Advisory Panel (all ages)


Cosmic Kids Yoga (10–15 years)

Meditation – Headspace for Kids (10–15 years)

Story Massage for Children (10-15 years)

My Mindfulness is a Superpower: An Animation

Body Scan Meditation

Hand Breathing and Relaxation (all ages)


Being a Young Mum (16+)


Am I Racist?

Celebrating Culture and Difference


Ask, Tell, Every Life Matters

Coping with Suicidal Feelings (all ages)

Ask, Tell, Have a Healthy Conversation

Ask, Tell, Look After Your Mental Health

LGBTQ+ Support

Trans Youth

Trans People in Football

Genderbread Cookie